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Motivational speaker and a student of ancient technology, Henry Kroll is available to speak at schools, colleges, universities, and social events for a small fee to cover travel expenses. For further information click here or call 1 (907) 740-0386.



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DJ Blatchford

Henry Kroll

Mary Kroll

Rick Rydell


Mad Trapper of Alaska  

  Introducing Henry Krolls latest creation, Mad Trapper of Alaska.

  Mad Trapper of Alaska is about the 1930's history of my father's life and involvement with Bob Reeve in Valdez and other pilots on the Kenai Peninsula, Red Herrington, Tex, Merril Hennington, Red Valentine and others who flew Stinsons and Cubs in the old days of 1930's - 1960's.




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Alaska Publishing is proud to present its latest additions of works from DJ Blatchford, Mary Kroll and Rick Rydell.

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Henry Kroll spends a lot of his time in the great Alaskan outdoors in remote areas that are sometimes beyond normal communication means and the best way to contact him is via cell phone at 1 (907) 283-1456. For complete contact information click here.